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Wine and cheese party

Invite your friends over for a fun wine and cheese party. Learn about cheese pairings while enjoying the company of your friends.

Stock up on different varietals to pair with the cheese and to suit the preferences of your guests. Each bottle of wine serves about 5 glasses, with the average guest drinking about 2 to 3 glasses. Keep whites chilled in a bucket with ice and water.

Make sure you have plenty of wine glasses available. Have differentiate their wine glasses with wine charms or removable glass decals. Also, keep a broom and dust pan handy for accidental spills or breakages!
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Serve about 3oz of cheese per person and offer a mix of fresh, aged, soft, and hard cheeses. Arrange and sample the cheeses starting with the lightest and ending with the most intense. Avoid stinky cheese in case some guests have a timid palate!

To prevent mixing flavors, set out a knife for each cheese. Cheese knives are elegant, but butter knives work well on soft cheeses, while sharper knives work well for firmer cheeses.
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Set Up
You don't need to buy a fancy cheeseboard! Use slate tiles with names of cheese written in chalk or buy some cheese markers. Even note cards with elegant hardwriting make for nice cheese labels. Set up different cheese stations to encourage guests to mingle.

Set the mood for your party with dim lighting, unscented candles, and background music. Collect wine corks before the party, and arrange them in vases and bowls. Attractive wine bottles make simple and easy decorations.

Have other foods available for guests to nibble on. Crackers, bread, meats (salami, prosciutto), fruit, nuts, chooclate, and simple appetizers are great additions.
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Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Include some non-alcoholic beverages, such as sparkling wine, juice, and soda. Non-alcoholic options can also help pace the evening.

Clean Up
Use plastic bags or containers for easy clean up. Leftover cheese is always great for making mac and cheese. You can also give guests the option of taking some cheese home as a party flavor.

Other ideas
Focus on wines and cheeses from specific countries or regions, and carry the theme throughout the party. Create tasting cards for guests to record their favorite pairings, or even offer blind tastings at your party.


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