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2015 Pink Moscato, California
Brass Tacks 2011 Pink Moscato, California















Tasting Notes
Brass Tacks Pink Moscato is sweet and lively, with floral aromas of rose petals, peach and apricot. Refreshing flavors of ripe summer fruit and rose petals are accented by hints of currant.
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Food Pairings
Serve chilled as an aperitif, with your favorite spicy dish, or as a dessert wine.
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About Moscato
Moscato, also known as Muscat, is perhaps one of the oldest domesticated grape varieties. It is believed to have originated in Greece or in the Arabian Peninsula. The Romans brought the varietal to Italy, and later to France. Early records show that it was in France during Charlemagne’s reign. Muscat is one of the most prolific grapes, with over 200 known varieties in the world.

Muscat is known for its pronounced sweet aromas, the only grape variety to produce wine with the same aroma as the grapes themselves. Pliney the Elder referred to Muscat as "the grape of the bees".

Muscat vines are vigorous but low yielding, resulting in medium bunches with lots of flavor. Muscat grapes are used to produce still, sparkling and dessert wines.



Best Buy- Highly Recommended
"Silvery pink color. Bright, floral aromas and flavors of honeysuckle and spiced peaches and oranges with a satiny, tangy, fruity sweet medium body and a refreshing, easy apple sauce, caramel, and honeyed nuts finish with soft, dusty tannins. A pleasant, floral, lighter-styled dessert wine."
- Beverage Testing Institute, June 2016


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